2T's Winter Walk

2T went on a beautiful but rather cold winter walk this afternoon. We are currently recording the weather and when we set off the temperature was 0 c and when we returned it had risen to the dizzying heights of 1c!

We last visited Knighton Woods in the early Autumn and were looking for signs of  seasonal change. The deciduous trees had no leaves although if you looked very carefully you could see that there were the beginnings of leaf buds on the end of twigs and branches. Some of the children spotted ice on the pond although it did not seem to bother the ducks!

We saw a robin, squirrels, magpies, ducks and a goose. We were hoping to see deer... maybe next time?

We will revisit the woods in the spring and hope to go just before Easter.

Thank you to all the parents that accompanied us on our walk today.