2T's Winter walk to Knighton Woods

This afternoon 2T went on a walk to the forest despite the wintery weather. Everyone put on their warm coats and their wellies as it was cold and wet and set off to observe the seasonal change in the woods. Last time we went it was still summer and there were leaves on the trees and it was fairly warm. Today many of the leaves had blown off the trees leaving branches that stretched high up into the sky. There were a few red berries left on the holly but not many. Lots of squirrels were looking for acorns under the leaves on the floor until they heard us coming! We saw pigeons and different water birds, ducks, coots and one heron! As we were about to leave the woods a few children and one of our mums spotted a muntjac deer hiding in the bushes but it quickly moved away when it saw us. We all enjoyed the walk but were pleased to get back into the warm, dry classroom.