Inter-School Football Tournament Friday 12th October

Inter-School Football Tournament Friday 12th October

By Josh Field

Last week, on Friday 12th October, the St John’s Football team had a very enjoyable tournament which took place at Old Chigwellian’s Football groups in Chigwell.

Schools from all around the area took part. After playing very well in all 3 matches, the team finished in second place in their group.

Game 1 

As soon as we got on to the pitch against Hill House, we thought it would be a close game. We had played them earlier in the week on Wednesday, and in a very good game drew against them 2-2. Straight away in the tournament match we were running up the pitch with the ball and had a shot which went very close.  When the half time whistle went the score was 0-0.

In the second half both teams tried very hard, however the game finished with no goals for either side. It was a very frustrating experience.

Game 2

Our match against Hereward was another well fought battle, but again ended in a nil-nil draw. This was even more disappointing as we had beaten them in a match 11-2 only two weeks ago.

Game 3

Chigwell Primary were our opponents. Their team was very strong and we were defending for most of the match. Despite this, we managed to hold on for our 3rd 0-0 draw of the day.

Game 4

Our final match of the group was against Staples Road B, and it was our best match of the day.

In the first half, the only goal of the game was scored directly from a corner by Dylan. He took the corner well, and the ball hit the post and went straight into the goal.

In the second half a very funny thing happened. I was running up the middle of the pitch, when a defender accidentally stepped onto the back of my shoe and the shoe came off!

The match finished. We had won another close game 1-0.

We finished second in our group as we had one point for each draw and three points for our win, giving us a total of six points. Hereward won our group, however they lost their next game in the knockout part of the tournament.

The tournament was won by Buckhurst Hill Primary. They are lucky enough to have a few players who are signed for professional clubs.

Despite coming second in our group, we all had a great day. We never gave up in any of our matches and all tried our very best.