Writing Week Day 3

Today saw a very different, unexpected stimulus for our writing. When we arrived in school, Mrs Clarke had delivered each class an obscure, unusual or even quite a normal object! It was wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string and some of our teachers presented the object to us in an exciting way with lights, candles and music! What was particularly special about these objects, was that not even our teachers knew what was inside the brown packages. Our whole day was then led by our object and we just let the writing take us in its own direction! Some of the objects included candlesticks, unusual hats, old washed up bottles, a sewing box, a box of feathers, a box of 'secrets', a magical egg, a missile and even a light sabre! After exploring our objects, some of us wrote stories and imagined who the object may have belonged to. Some of us wrote letters to go in the object and some of us even imagined that we were the object!