Year 3 Egyptian Day

On Thursday 27th September 2018, all Year 3 students had a visit from two young ladies, who came to present the children with a taste of Egyptian culture. This term Year 3 have been learning all about Ancient Egypt in their history lessons, as well as learning how to write descriptive stories in their English lessons using Egyptian settings. The children were all dressed in amazing Egyptian attire and had great fun showing their costumes to one another, whilst describing which kind of Egyptian pharaoh/god/goddess they were. The day started with a little activity in class, which really got the children thinking of great descriptive words that they could use in their English lessons to describe their Egyptian settings.

Mr. Whale, Mr. Peck and the children took photos of the amazing costumes and the children proceeded to the church hall where they were greeted by Countess and Daphne the explorer, who took the children through an amazing day of fun and games. The children learned lots of fun facts about Ancient Egypt, as well as using their existing knowledge to answer questions and solve problems.

The last segment of the day comprised a workshop, in which the children learned about the different kinds of Egyptian tribes and families and also took part in showcasing some ideas that they had come up with in their individual groups. The children had a great day and learned many new things about Ancient Egypt, which they have since used to develop their learning during their history lessons.