Daniel Lye

Having spent nearly 20 years working with young people in an education setting, I am passionately committed to ensuring that all schools provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to lead successful and fulfilling lives. I am currently the Associate Headteacher of a large secondary school in East London and fully appreciate the important role Governors play in the life of a school and in providing strategic support to the school’s leaders. It would be a real pleasure to be elected to act as the representative of parents and share my expertise in helping the school move forward.

I am also the parent of two children at St John’s School, one in Reception and the other in Year 3. Over the years I have been impressed by the work of the school and, in particular, the focus there clearly is on developing the whole child. This resonates with my own professional beliefs about education and I would be keen to support the school as they help our children progress through their primary years. Often, in schools, the wider development of the child can be overlooked in the pursuit of excellent ‘results’ in SATs or in other assessments, which are of course important, but I am pleased to see that the school has a wider focus. This said, I am keen to ensure that school is providing adequate stretch for all children ensuring that each achieves their full potential in whichever area they excel and would want to support leaders at the school to ensure this is happening.

 In my professional life, I have held a wide range of responsibilities in schools including raising standards, oversight of English, Maths and Science provision, curriculum development, teaching and learning as well as HR, Finance and Facilities Management.