St John's strongly believes in providing educational opportunities beyond the school day in order to be able to extend and consolidate pupils' learning. We are passionate about ensuring that homework is purposeful and relevant to life in the 21st Century. Homework shouldn't be a chore and we want there to be some pupil choice allowing children to take even greater responsibility and ownership for completing the tasks set. Therefore, St John's offers a range of homework which is designed to meet the needs of all our children.

We have categorised our homework into two distinct sections, 'Core' and 'Beyond'.

Core includes homework such as daily reading, practicing phonics or spellings, handwriting, and basic number work, i.e. counting, number bonds and times tables. These are essential items of homework that must be completed regularly in order for your child to make expected progress.

Beyond includes enrichment tasks that covers Topic based homework covering a multitude of subjects which children have greater scope over how these might be completed or evidenced. Beyond also includes development of maths skills using Mathseeds (EYFS) or Mathletics (Years 1-6)

We expect homework to be completed by all children regularly. We encourage and reward children for completing their homework. We also appreciate that we lead busy lives and there are occasions when homework simply can't be completed in full that weekend. Please let the class teacher know and we will understand.

Our aim is to support parents and children by setting weekly homework and placing this online for our school community to access.


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