Hopes and Highlights Competition

The competition aims to encourage children to reflect on their achievements in 2019 and consider their ambitions for 2020. The competition is open to children of all ages and entries can be submitted in a variety of forms including annotated pictures, text, audio recording, animation or video. Therefore, entries may be handed in on paper to Mrs Seal or completed online and uploaded via our website.

I look forward to reading, watching or listening to the entries submitted! Good luck. Winning entries will receive a prize!

Mr Furness
Head Teacher



Think about all your highlights in 2019, things that you were success at and things you achieved. What things would you like to achieve in 2020? Dream big, be ambitious and with your growth mindset you CAN achieve them.

In 2019 what things did you find most enjoyable or were most successful at doing? They could be anything from playing football, meeting new friends, reading a favourite book to learning something new in school or at home. Perhaps you overcame a challenge such as learning a particular times table or spelling, or maybe discovering something new in science?

You can present your thoughts in writing, as an illustrated drawing or using video or sound. You choose whether to present your ideas on A4 white paper or electronically, perhaps using PowerPoint, video or recording speech using a mobile phone, iPad or computer. It is entirely your choice as to how your thoughts are communicated.

Describe these moments with as much detail as you can using interesting words or pictures to describe what happened.

Then, think about some things that you would like to achieve in 2020. What would you like to see happen this year? Describe these as best you can, again using adjectives and interesting words/pictures.

I would suggest that you describe no more than five highlights from last year and no more than five hopes for this year. However, this is only a guide so if you have more or less things to write about, that would be just fine too!

If you are in EYFS, Year 1 or Year 2, you might choose to present only two or three things. You may also draw your thoughts with perhaps some describing words to label your drawings. Ask mum or dad to take a photograph of your work, or scan your work. This can be emailed to the school using the email, admin@st-johns-buckhursthill.essex.sch.uk.


The closing date for this competition is 3rd February 2020.


There are two categories in this competition, EYFS & KS1 and KS2. There are two prizes in each category.