Learning to Learn

At St John’s we know that the environment is crucial to enable children to make good progress in their learning. It is important that all areas of the school promote a positive attitude towards learning.

On a basic level this means that all classrooms will have displays promoting different areas of the curriculum, for example a high quality book area with books displayed in an appealing manner, Maths and English working walls showing the steps needed to accomplish the objective set. Teachers will continue to develop children’s thinking and learning skills in quality first teaching.

Alongside this the children will engage in The Learning to Learn curriculum. This is designed to teach children skills to improve their learning. Using a carefully planned series of lessons children’s core learning skills will be developed, these are skills that are fundamental not only in education but also throughout our lives. The curriculum will develop the children’s metacognition skills (awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes) as well as developing their sense of wellbeing.

At St John’s we aim to deliver a positive climate for leaning, the children are given a ‘voice’ and are able to discuss their learning in weekly class learning forums. This is fundamental for engagement and pupil progress.

Alongside our classroom displays and Learning to Learn Curriculum, St John’s has six values; achievement, caring, forgiveness, honesty, resilience and responsibility. These values are at the root of everything at St John’s. They are upheld by every member of staff and are celebrated throughout the school. Children who show a particular value in an action or thought will be given a value card that is displayed within the classroom for that half-term.

All staff are dedicated to providing the pupils of St John’s with a first quality education that will engage them. All lessons have clear objectives and there are high levels of participation by the children. The children will be expected to take responsibility for their own learning and will develop their independence. Staff will support children in this by encouraging a ‘Growth Mindset’ approach which fosters the belief that skills and talents only improve with practice.