Lynsey Stanger

I have been a Parent Governor since June 2018 and prior to that, I have played an active role in supporting the school with over 5 years as a member of the PTA. My husband has been on the PTA for a number of years, so I still have an indirect involvement there! I have two children; my son is in year 4 at St John’s and my daughter left last year and I provide a regular taxi service transporting them to their many hobbies…!

I have worked for the Metropolitan Police Service for the last 18 years and have a diverse skillset, having worked across a number of business areas including corporate governance, business change, programme management and supporting frontline policing to help keep London safe.

I am the lead for risk management and survey development and evaluation. I am keen to ensure that pupils, parents and staff help to shape and inform the direction of the school and that us as Governors respond to the needs of our key stakeholders and provide the right support to the Head Teacher. As the maturity of the survey grows, I would like to see a continued increase in responses – every voice matters in supporting and getting the best outcome for every one of our pupils.