School Snacks

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all of your feedback about our new healthy snack and no nut initiative. As a father myself,

I fully understand how challenging it can be to encourage your child/children to eat healthily. Thank you

to everyone who has supported our new vision and I was also delighted to note that there are now a greater number of children enjoying these healthy snacks around school.

The Government advises that children eat 5 portions of fruit and/or vegetables a day. They also recommend that schools promote and educate children about a well-balanced diet. All local schools implement this advice by requiring that all children bring a fruit or vegetable snack to school, if the children require one.

Following this week’s trial, I have decided to make a few necessary changes: from Monday, next week,the children will only be allowed to bring in a portion of fresh fruit or vegetables for their morning snack; dried fruit and raisins are permissible. These guidelines also apply to packed lunches.

Just to remind parents that the Government provides free fresh fruit and vegetables to children in Early Years and Key Stage 1, on a daily basis.

I thank you for your continued support in this matter.

Mr C. Jarmain