Tag Rugby - 30th November 2018

After winning all three competitions in the last round, all three St. John's teams excitedly took to the pitches, at Epping Upper Clapton Rugby Club, in the partnership finals on Friday.  As to be expected, with twice as many schools taking part,  the opposition was extremely tough.  Eager to show their skill, the pupils took to the pitches with determination and showed that all the practice they had put in really did pay dividends; the blue team finishing the group round at the top (winning all their matches) to secure a place in the playoff for 1st position in the cup competition.  The black team played extremely well too finishing a creditable 5th position in the cup competition.  

The final for the blue team, was a replay of last years against Whitebridge Primary.  It was an extremely evenly matched game, with both teams going try for try to finish at the end of time with a draw.  It all came down to who would get the golden try!  Unfortunately, St. John's lost the toss to get first ball, so it was all down to defending the Whitebridge attack.  Sadly they were unable to stop the run and Whitebridge were able to breach the defence and gain the winning try.   

I would like to congratulate all three teams on their achievements this year and their commitment to weekly practice, without which they would not have achieved so much.

Well Done!