Year 2 visit Copped Hall

On Wednesday 4th July and Thursday 5th July 2K and 2T visited Copped Hall in Upshire. Both classes had a fabulous day. The sun shone down on us allowing us to enjoy the spectacular gardens that are in full bloom as well as tour the house which looks more beautiful every year that St John’s visit. The children were split into two groups and went on tours of the house and the gardens. The house is Georgian and has a Victorian extension however it is quite unique in that after a fire in the early 1900’s it was abandoned and left to fall into ruins. The Copped Hall Trust has been painstakingly working on the Hall to return it to some of its former splendour. The gardens are fantastic and all of the children were amazed at the crops that were grown there. Some had not seen onions growing in the ground before and none of them had seen the different varieties of runner beans that were being grown! The flowers are stunning and the children watched as bees pollinated them busily moving from one to another. The children ate a picnic lunch in the garden under the shade of the old trees and then played various games that of course included football but also more inventive games such as their own version of three tees cricket. During the afternoon they all sketched the Hall looking very carefully at the detailed brickwork and some of the abandoned statues that have been left there. As usual it was a wonderful day that all the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed.