Year 2 visit The Royal Gunpowder Mills

Year 2 had a fantastic although rather cold trip to The Royal Gunpowder Mills last Tuesday. We went as part of our work in science learning about nocturnal animals and their habitats.

As you may know the Gunpowder Mills has a long history and of course is where gunpowder used to be made and tested. This no longer happens here and the area has been allowed to return to nature and many animals have made it their home.

Both classes went on the land train to travel around the land and the children spotted a variety of animals although 2K won this and saw, Fallow deer, a fox, a heron, swans and magpies. The badger sets were pointed out to us all and during the afternoon we visited one of their latrines and were able to spot badger footprints on the soil.

Once we had finished the tractor ride we went on a mini beast hunt. Underneath the rotting wood lives a variety of small creatures! We found spiders, woodlice, worms, slugs and snails as well as a millipede. Interesting fact, did you know a millipede can have between 40 and 400 legs? Also a millipede has two pairs of legs on each segment whereas a centipede has one pair of legs on each segment.

Finally, we were all given a talk about the owls that live on the sight and were shown photographs of recently hatched owlets. We then took part in an art activity based on owls making a mask that we were able to take home.

It was an interesting day enjoyed by children and staff.