The School Day

Please note the school day has changed this academic year due to the impact of Covid.

We now have staggered starts into school with the infants arriving from 8.30am in the morning and the Juniors coming in slightly later at 8.45am.

We also have a staggered end to the day. The infants finish at 3pm and the Juniors finish at 3.15.

Collective worship still continues but now looks a little different. Please see Assemblies.

Previously doors to the building opened at 8.45am and the school day officially started at 8.55am.

8.45am Doors Open
8.55am School starts
9.10am Assembly in the Church
(whole school on Mondays, church assembly on Wednesdays, class assemblies only on Thursdays, whole school on Fridays) no assembly on Tuesdays
10.15 - 10.30am EYFS & KS1 Playtime
10.30 - 10.45am KS2 Playtime
12.00pm - 1.00pm Lunch EYFS & KS1
12.30pm - 1.25pm Lunch KS2
2.30pm - 2.45pm EYFS & KS1 only Playtime
3.15pm End of the school day

Clubs and Societies
We are immensely proud at St John’s with the vast range of extra-curricular activities we offer our pupils. Details of these are published on a termly basis and may vary depending on the weather or staff commitments. Examples of current and previous clubs include
Netball, Art, Orchestra, Basketball, Stage School, French, Tennis and Gardening. There are many, many more!

Collective Worship
St John’s is a voluntary controlled Church of England school. Although we teach the six main world religions, we celebrate Christianity on a daily basis. Our assemblies reflect our rich and varied Christian heritage whilst drawing upon the beliefs and festivals of other cultures in a bid to increase the children’s knowledge and understanding.

In our 2018 Inspection the Church of England Inspector wrote:

Collective worship is important to the whole community and contributes significantly to the Christian ethos of the school. Parents and pupils readily recall recent sessions which have made an impression on them, particularly the weekly journey through the Bible. The excellent adaptations to the church building have created a flexible space which is warm and welcoming whilst retaining an atmosphere of reverence. Pupils enter with a sense of expectation. A range of strategies, including effective use of information technology is used to engage them in worship. They respond with enthusiasm and confidence to question and answers sessions and opportunities to take an active part. Pupils enjoy the hymns they sing and have excellent recall of their favourites. One parent said that his son insisted on taking his hymn book on holiday.

Prayers are said every day in assembly and in class before lunch and home time.

Parents may make a request to withdraw a child from assemblies and religious education. Such a request would need to be discussed with the Headmaster.