Catherine Leyland


I became a parent governor of St. John's in January 2020.  My six year old son is in year one and my family and I have lived in Buckhurst Hill for seven years.   

I wanted to become a governor because, from my son's early days at the school,  I have been impressed by the caring attitude of the staff and the school's focus on developing the 'whole child'.   I wanted to help support the school in making our children's early school years the best they can be. 

I have worked in television advertising compliance for nearly twenty years and have managed a small team for around ten of these years.  Through my work, I have developed particular skills around challenging negotiations, managing difficult individuals and clients, and attention to detail.  I proof read and edit scripts for television advertising, then ensure the finished ads comply with relevant laws and codes of practice.  I have been the chairperson on a number of interview panels, also writing the interview questions, which made me look at how to get the best out of people and find their strengths and skills.

When my company split off from its parent company, I helped work to ring fence final salary pensions, and sort out what the new company got to keep under Custom and Practice law.  I have also been a BECTU trade union rep in the past.

My particular passion is reading as I think it opens up the world to our children.  I volunteer read with my son’s Year One class weekly and get so much out of helping children to develop their reading and comprehension.

I have also recently undertaken voluntary work with homeless adults at The Whitechapel Mission in London, and have assisted refugee children with their homework at an after school club in a Camden hostel. 

I look forward to working with the other governors and the Head Teacher to support St. John's and its staff and pupils.